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Now that you are familiar with the weekly Torah portions, we'd like to introduce you to a monthly Torah Study Program that will change your life. The Torah Club is a Messianic Jewish Torah Study Program, keyed to the weekly Bible portions read in synagogues all over the world each Shabbat (Sabbath). The Torah Club is an in-depth study of the whole Bible.

Unrolling the Scroll, Torah 101 for Everyone!

Unrolling the ScrollStart your Torah study journey in Unrolling the Scroll. This is "Torah 101" for everyone. Unrolling the Scroll offers Christians a Messianic Jewish study from Genesis to Deuteronomy with easy-to-read, devotional-styled commentary on the weekly, synagogue Torah readings. Peppered with insights from ancient rabbis and anecdotes from modern Christian life, Unrolling the Scroll demonstrates the value of Torah for Christian living today. Includes connections to the New Testament and writings of early Christians.

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Beginning now, we have a special introductory, limited-time offer on Unrolling the Scroll. You can save up to 37% on this newly presented Case-bound, hardcover edition of Torah Club. This new edition of Unrolling the Scroll consists of five books, plus appendices that supplement the main commentary. Don't hesitate. This offer is specially for you, as we would like to encourage you to take the first steps in Torah learning. Click below, and learn all about Unrolling the Scroll.

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This Week:



“From the end”

  • Torah reading:
    Genesis 41:1-44:17
  • Prophets reading:
    Zechariah 2:14-4:7
  • Gospel reading:
    Luke 4:16-31

Torah Portions Schedule

Download or Order our free Torah Portions reading schedules for 5775 (2014-15).