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Torah PORTIONS seeks to encourage Christians to become familiar with the five books of Moses. On these pages you can follow, read and hear the weekly portions from the Torah. We have created the structure of PORTIONS as a hub for teachers and students to link up, share with one another, and to focus on the weekly Torah portion.


Parasha: Yitro

The Giving of the Torah

Long before the tongues of fire fell upon the believers in Jerusalem, the fire fell upon Mount Sinai.

Most Christians know the story of Pentecost: the mighty wind, the tongues of fire, the Holy Spirit, and the apostles speaking in every language. Most, however, are unaware of the significant background behind the story. The church holiday known as Pentecost was not originally a church holiday at all; the festival goes back to the days of Moses.

Christianity celebrates Pentecost as the day that the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles in tongues of fire:

When the day of Pentecost came, they were all together in o...

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The above is an excerpt adapted from Torah Club resources, an extensive program with commentary on the whole Bible, published in six editions.

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