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Torah PORTIONS seeks to encourage Christians to become familiar with the five books of Moses. On these pages you can follow, read and hear the weekly portions from the Torah. We have created the structure of PORTIONS as a hub for teachers and students to link up, share with one another, and to focus on the weekly Torah portion.


Parasha: Noach

Noah the Righteous Man

The Bible says that “Noah was a righteous man.” Does this mean that Noah never committed a single sin? What does it really mean to be righteous?

The Torah calls Noah a tzaddik (צדיק), that is, “a righteous man.” God spared Noah from the flood because he “was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time” (Genesis 6:9). Righteousness (tzedakah, צדקה) implies behavior conforming to an ethical norm, that is, living by the rules of virtue and morality. A righteous man conducts himself according to ethical principles and treats others fairly and impartially by the same standards.

A righteous person lives a life of obedience to God: “Noah did according to...

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The above is an excerpt from Torah Weekly, an online resource on the weekly Torah portions, adapted from First Fruits of Zion's Torah Club resource.

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