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Parasha: Chol HaMo'ed Pesach

The Word from Heaven was Broken

Thought for the Week:

In his first descent from Mount Sinai, Moses carried the tablets of the Torah, which he broke when he saw the golden calf. His descent was purposeful. He knew of the sin of Israel merited the wrath of God. Moses came down to call them to repentance and to avert disaster. Like Messiah, he was on an urgent mission to save Israel and to restore the covenant. In his ascent, he carried new stone tablets that God instructed him to chisel out. When he descended the second time, he carried the new stone tablets of the Torah in glory. One might say the same of Messiah in His first coming, His ascension and return.


When Moses descended, he carried the Word of God—not the Word made flesh, but the word made stone upon the two tablets of the covenant. Like two copies of a contract agreement, these tablets were tokens of the covenant relationship between Israel and God. The tablets also teach us about Messiah.

The Torah tells us that these tablets were inscribed by the finger of God. Exodus 32:16 says, "The tablets were God's work, and the writing was God's writing engraved on the tablets." Similarly, Messiah is the impression, the stamp of G...

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