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Parasha: Miketz

Joseph in Disguise

Although Yeshua of Nazareth is the only serious candidate in the running for Messiah, most Jewish people for the last two thousand years have solidly rejected that possibility.

When Joseph’s brothers arrived in Egypt, they did not recognize him, nor did Joseph reveal his identity to them. Joseph appeared to them like an Egyptian. He wore Egyptian clothing. He had no beard. He wore the hair and cosmetics of Egyptian royalty. He spoke the Egyptian language. To the ten brothers, Joseph seemed to be a Gentile prince. They had no inkling that he might be their own brother. The brothers had long ago come to regard Joseph as dead. They had convinced themselves with their own story regarding his disappearance.

All o...

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The above is an excerpt adapted from Torah Club resources, an extensive program with commentary on the whole Bible, published in six editions.

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