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Parasha: Vayeshev

Perez and Zerah

Tamar's twins, Perez and Zerah, both had the potential to be ancestors of the Messiah. Like Jacob and Esau wrestling in the womb, they competed for the privilege.

When Tamar’s pregnancy advanced to the point where she could no longer conceal it, “she would tap upon her stomach and boast, ‘I am big with kings and redeemers!’” (Midrash Rabbah). At the very least, she was big with twins.

While Tamar struggled in labor, the first of her two sons extended his hand. The midwife tied a scarlet string around his wrist to identify the firstborn, but he then retracted his hand and apparently retreated back down the birth canal—a stunt that does not seem biolog...

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The above is an excerpt adapted from Torah Club resources, an extensive program with commentary on the whole Bible, published in six editions.

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