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Torah PORTIONS seeks to encourage Christians to become familiar with the five books of Moses. On these pages you can follow, read and hear the weekly portions from the Torah. We have created the structure of PORTIONS as a hub for teachers and students to link up, share with one another, and to focus on the weekly Torah portion.


Parasha: Shelach

A Different Spirit

Is the cup half full, or is it half empty? Do you see dark clouds or silver linings? The life of faith has no room for pessimism and cynicism.

The LORD spared the children of Israel, but He punished them by consigning them to forty years of wandering in the wilderness. He declared that they would never see the Promised Land that they had rejected. Instead their bodies would be buried in the wilderness. Their children, however, would be privileged to enter the land.

Even Moses, Miriam and Aaron were included in the doom. Only Joshua and Caleb were given permission to enter the land. The LORD said that Caleb would be allowed to enter the land because he had "a different spirit...

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The above is an excerpt adapted from Torah Club resources, an extensive program with commentary on the whole Bible, published in six editions.

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